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A healthy, light way to drink. All sparkle, all refreshing. That was our vision when we decided to make the first alcoholic sparkling water born and bred in Singapore.

Ollie began in the small Boat Quay apartment of founder Samuel Cooper in 2020, amidst the first COVID lockdown. Sam was seeking a new, healthier alternative to consuming alcohol - but couldn’t find anything he truly enjoyed.

That was when he decided to re-ignite his old hobby of home brewing - a hobby he developed in the craft beer filled cities of Seattle, WA and Raleigh, NC. But, instead of creating a traditional beer, he began experimenting to produce something that would remove the additives and sweeteners present in most beverages in order to create a clean label, yet delicious tasting product.

Soon, friends began visiting to trial Sam’s creations. He knew he had something special when people started requesting special production batches; it became clear that there was "something in the water". 

A few months and a few hundred liters of experiments later, the Ollie brand was born.


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